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Aviat Networks wtm4000 series all-outdoor radio solution
WTM 4000 is an ultra-high capacity, all-outdoor microwave radio.

It is the FIRST ever radio purpose built for SDN. It meets today’s cost and capacity challenges, and protects you from an uncertain future.

Interference is becoming more common, and more difficult to deal with to ensure reliable link operation in poorly regulated or congested frequency environments.
WTM 4000 now includes a built-in spectrum analyzer, which gives you the power to:

Detect interference

Determine alternative channel options

Discuss elimination of the source with your regulator and

Deliver your services reliably

WTM 4000 benefits

Save money – less cost per bit, less power consumed per bit than any other microwave radio. Plus all-outdoor deployments reduces power, space and cooling costs of indoor equipment

Meet capacity demands – ultra high capacity to protect your network from pending traffic growth

Prepare for the future – supporting a variety of SDN protocols, WTM 4000 is the industry’s first ever radio purpose built for SDN and IP/MPLS networks

WTM 4000: The industry’s highest capacity microwave radio
Highest capacity in single transceiver radio, exceptional price / performance with:

2.5Gbps (single radio – 2x112MHz channels)
1.5Gbps (single radio – 2x80MHx channels)
Adaptive dual carrier (A2C) feature enables 2 channels over single transceiver leading to 2x more capacity than single header radios or ½ the transceiver hardware compared to dual-header radios. Which means, less cost and power consumption per bit… and of course more capacity.

Other capacity features include:

112MHz channels, 4096QAM, Header compression and other capacity enhancement techniques. Support for high capacity multi-channel configurations. For example, link capacities of >1 Gbps can be achieved using 4 x 28MHz channels (4+0), using 2048QAM modulations, for frame sizes of 1518 bytes or less.

Pay for use software
WTM 4000 is the first and only radio with optional pay for usage software, so you never have to worry about managing another software feature license ever again.

Purpose built for SDN

WTM 4000 is the only radio platform prepared for:

  • SDN
  • Open Flow
  • Open Daylight
  • NetConf
  • YANG