Wireless system integrator bridging the digital divide



Regional system integrator, 
bridging the digital divide

Founded in 2014, Castle Rock Microwave is the premier system integrator for wireless broadband systems in the Rocky Mountain Region. Located in Castle Rock, Colorado, we specialize in microwave backhaul and fixed wireless broadband solutions for utility companies, state and local governments/public safety, railroads, and tribes.  


  • Vast wireless experience — to solve issues and provide robust designs
  • Full turnkey services — to address your needs and simplify your supply chain so you can sleep at night.
  • Vendor agnostic approach — so you get the right equipment based on your performance and total cost of ownership needs
  • Impeccable execution — to deliver projects on time and at budget

our core values

  • Customer oriented — we are a highly relational organization that promotes and nurtures relationship with our employees, partners, and clients
  • Accountable — we do what we say and constantly strive to exceed expectations
  • Responsive — we operate with purpose and a sense of urgency; we strive for accuracy and detail in our responses
  • Competent — we guarantee the highest value to our clients and partners and are reliable and trustworthy in our assessment



It's easy to fall into the trap of believing that we're alone in having a certain problem, need or deficiency. You're not alone! This summer we surveyed hundreds of broadband wireless professionals in an effort to understand some of the largest gaps and pain points in the industry. The professionals surveyed included end users in […]

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By Brett Bonomo Quitting doesn’t come easily for me. In the past year or so I quit my job, quit some bad habits, quit being so grumpy, quit saying “no” to fun invitations from dear friends and quit being away from my family. Truthfully, the most significant seemed to be quitting my job, but the […]

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How I Choked

Last year we were performing a major microwave backhaul upgrade for a customer.  We were working to cut over the last of several hops of high capacity (~1Gbps) radio links.  This hop was the most critical in that it was the main path to half of their network, with no backup.  The site we were […]

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How to pick the right radio

Selecting the right microwave radio manufacturer is difficult, even for a seasoned microwave professional. In this post I’ll share some questions you can ask radio manufacturers. Hopefully, you will have the confidence to navigate the competitive landscape and identify a solution that exceeds your expectations. We recently conducted a customer survey where 30% were unsatisfied […]

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Designing Wireless Near Wind Turbines

The impact of wind turbines on microwave radio paths is a bit of a mystery. It’s often misunderstood. In this blog post I’ll provide a couple planning tips and some useful reference material. My goal is helping you make good decisions about how to plan for a successful coexistence of microwave paths and wind turbines. […]

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