October 21, 2020
Arn Hayden

The Precipice of Rural Municipal Broadband

Are you a city or town that is considering offering middle and last mile rural municipal broadband connectivity? The need for ubiquitous fiber and wireless infrastructure is at a precipice. Moreover, the pandemic is now driving more people to rural communities and students into remote learning.  If we do not act soon, some rural communities will get left behind and decline. While others with broadband will flourish.

Join Rio Blanco County’s Cody Crooks and Castle Rock Microwave’s Brett Bonomo at the Mountain Connect Broadband Development Conference. Hear about their success story on rural municipal broadband on October 26th at 2:30pm.

Brett and Cody reveal a model for rural broadband including:

  • Successful public/private partnerships
  • Fool-proof middle-mile strategy
  • Managing outside funding
  • Innovative approach to permitting/zoning
  • Enlisting good help.

Mountain Connect Conference

First, Register here for the Mountain Connect Virtual Conference. And watch Brett and Cody’s presentation virtually.  The theme for the conference is “Broadband: The Great Enabler for Disruptive Technologies!”. This year’s conference will explore:

1. The Impact of Emerging Technologies
2. Why Master Planning is Important to Long-term Success
3. Unique Funding Alternatives
4. Policy and Legislative Considerations
5. 5G/Small Cell
7. Economic Development
8. Impacts of RDOF and CARES Act

Looking for Help?

For more information on how Castle Rock Microwave helps municipalities with broadband solutions, please contact Arn Hayden, Director of Solution Sales at 303 358-7039 or

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