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“We had a new microwave path that was exhibiting reliability issues. We called Castle Rock Microwave for help. They responded promptly and suggested several configuration changes that instantly improved reliability. Despite heavy rains and significant storms the changes have resulted in 100% uptime and no errors. In retrospect we should have engaged them during the planning and engineering phases to avoid these issues. We will certainly do so in the future.”
Jim White Chairman - Executive Committee, Elbert County Communications Authority
“Castle Rock Microwave modernized our microwave system, provided a new level of visibility into performance monitoring and upgraded capacity to 1Gbps on our core backhaul links. The project was done on time and on budget with minimal supervision. It’s a true partnership!”
Mark Riggs Communications Engineer, IREA
“Professional installation in the time frame that I needed it done! Great job!”
Jason Arndt Sr. Traffic Signal Technician, City of Pueblo


Transforming Business and Lives Through Relationship


Fiber isn’t everywhere. I created Castle Rock Microwave to help organizations solve their network connectivity issues with mission critical wireless connectivity wherever they need it most. Building high capacity, highly-reliable wireless networks is our passion and we believe in empowering others to do the same through valuable, free content, and helpful deployment tools.  Click here to receive our content.

I have been involved in the design and deployment of thousands of wireless links, in practically every application imaginable, and have taught more than 800 students the principles of microwave radio system planning and installation.  Many of my students have gone on to teach others.

My greatest accomplishments aren’t the continental systems that I’ve sold, the engineering challenges and feats, nor the many students I’ve taught.  My greatest accomplishments are the relationships I’ve developed over the years, and the transformation I’ve seen occur as a result.

Reliable, high-speed wireless connectivity transforms businesses and changes lives.

Our business is driven by the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), limited access to fiber optic lines, the need for more capacity at the mobile, handheld device and the unreliability and expense of leased line circuits from major wireline carriers.  Other industry-specific initiatives driving our business include PTC (railroad), AMI (utilities), consolidated dispatch and P25 (public safety), and RUS programs (rural telcos and WISPs).

We value relationships with our clients, vendors and peers and have proudly created an environment in which creativity is celebrated and competency is required so all our partners thrive.

We want to inspire our prospective clients and partner with people that share our belief about technology and its positive impact on people’s lives.

Brett Bonomo


Castle Rock Microwave.
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