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“We had a new microwave path that was exhibiting reliability issues. We called Castle Rock Microwave for help. They responded promptly and suggested several configuration changes that instantly improved reliability. Despite heavy rains and significant storms the changes have resulted in 100% uptime and no errors. In retrospect we should have engaged them during the planning and engineering phases to avoid these issues. We will certainly do so in the future.”
Jim White Chairman - Executive Committee, Elbert County Communications Authority
“Castle Rock Microwave modernized our microwave system, provided a new level of visibility into performance monitoring and upgraded capacity to 1Gbps on our core backhaul links. The project was done on time and on budget with minimal supervision. It’s a true partnership!”
Mark Riggs Communications Engineer, IREA
“Professional installation in the time frame that I needed it done! Great job!”
Jason Arndt Sr. Traffic Signal Technician, City of Pueblo


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At Castle Rock Microwave we know you are the kind of organization that deserves to enjoy a secure, reliable, and resilient network that is always on. In order to achieve that, you need to avoid critical network outages and downtime. The problem is leased line circuits can be expensive and aren’t always reliable when you’re trying to connect many locations to a critical communications network which makes you feel anxious.

We believe mission critical communications are too important for Public Safety agencies, Utility, Transportation and Service Provider organizations and no one should have to experience costly network outages. We understand the vital role you play for everyone you serve. That’s why we put our collective 100+ years of experience to work for you to help ensure your network is always on. Here’s how it works: you schedule a free assessment, we design a custom wireless solution, you become a network hero. So call today and book your free assessment, so you can stop worrying about your network reliability and start being the hero who enjoys a reliable, always on network.

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At Castle Rock Microwave, our experts have been involved in the design and deployment of thousands of wireless links. We specialize in delivering mission-critical communications for public safety agencies, utility, transportation, and internet service provider organizations.

Because of our experience, we have seen practically every application imaginable. Many of the problems we solve deal with limited access to fiber-optic lines, the need for more capacity, and the cost and unreliability of leased line circuits. Additionally, we address initiatives such as PTC, AMI, consolidated dispatch and P25, and RUS programs.

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