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Because electric co-op substations are often widely scattered, microwave transmission is often the fastest, most efficient technology to backhaul IoT smart grid data, perimeter video and radio communications in rural areas. Licensed narrowband has been a traditional technology for SCADA backhaul, but now licensed Private LTE/CBRS technologies provide greater capacity for IoT and video monitoring of reservoirs, water and wastewater facilities, wells and pump stations. For energy storage, we specify supercapacitors, a lead acid battery replacement technology, which deliver a 40-year lifespan, are super-efficient, and are non-toxic, making them an ideal storage solution for solar sites, car charging stations, and time of use arbitrage.

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State & Local Governments

Police and firefighters require critical communication microwave backhaul to carry reliable, secure land mobile radio traffic to/from 911 dispatch centers. Microwave systems provide 911 network diversity and redundancy at a fraction of the cost of a fiber ring. Smart city applications enable your network to connect municipal and university campus buildings, deliver real-time video feeds, provide high speed outdoor wifi, and power IoT applications like license plate readers and traffic signal automation programs with multi-gigabit speeds.

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Schools require reliable communication systems to keep students and staff safe. This is especially true when public safety officials and first responders respond to an emergency. Without a proper system, communication can be unreliable and can even disable other public safety radios nearby. To stay compliant and ensure your system will work when needed most, contact us for a free evaluation to review your school’s communication infrastructure.




Big data and new technologies enable railroads to harness the massive amounts of data they collect to enhance safety, reliability and service. Our solutions leverage wireless technologies, connectivity aggregation, mesh networks and wireless video feeds for automated inspection technology and Positive Train Control (PTC). Featuring high reliability and long lifespans, supercapacitor energy storage systems power railroad switches and provide back-up for telecommunications sites. 

broadband providers

Wireless broadband technologies such as the MU-MIMO based Cambium 450M, Facebook Terragraph platform, mesh/wifi networks, and Aviat’s WTM platform enable WISPs, rural telcos, schools, municipalities, and tribes to deliver greatly enhanced capacity and coverage for video telehealth services, remote workforce collaboration, and remote school programs.



The FCC allocation of 2.5 Ghz has provided an incredible opportunity for Native Nations to own their spectrum. We create full-coverage, reservation-wide networks specifically designed to facilitate the creation of jobs through workforce development, provide connectivity to remote workforces, close the homework gap for K-12 and higher education students, and provide telehealth services.

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