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The City of Pueblo was faced with the challenge of establishing a reliable and expandable high-speed network connection for smart devices and solutions that were on the horizon for several city departments.

For example, the Pueblo Police Department was considering the implementation of a real-time crime center to include fixed license plate readers, situational awareness cameras, and mobile video surveillance. At the same time, the Wastewater Department was considering water quality sensors along the rivers to monitor water-quality issues, and the Traffic Department was considering enhancing its equipment to implement predictive traffic analysis for traffic control. Although the departments were just beginning to investigate and discuss implementing these smart solutions, the Information Technology Department wanted to get ahead of the game by implementing a secure network backbone for these visionary smart solutions.

As IT started exploring new technologies, it became immediately apparent they needed to lay the foundation for a more robust network backbone than initially anticipated. Through a rigorous selection process led by Lori Pinz, Director of IT for the City of Pueblo, they partnered with Castle Rock Microwave to implement a solution. The work leveraged licensed spectrum and microwave technology to establish a robust network to provide high-speed connectivity, allowing for remote monitoring and streaming of devices such as fixed license-plate readers, video surveillance cameras, mobile surveillance trailers, radio communications, and other types of up-and-coming smart devices increasing city department's operational efficiency.

"This project was critical because, as an IT director, you want to deliver successfully and immediately meet the demands for enhanced services. Knowing you found the right partner gives you confidence that you can deliver and meet the needs of your key stakeholders.”    

~ Lori Pinz, Director of IT


Tasked with writing the request for proposal and selecting the vendor, Pinz had to find the perfect partner to make sure the project was done on time and within budget, while she continued to manage her day-to-day operations.

The largest and most pressing obstacle was the lack of in-house knowledge of the infrastructure needed to provide a reliable and secure network backbone capable of handling remote traffic from various communication mediums, such as wireless, microwave, and fiber communications.

They also faced cost constraints associated with establishing the new network backbone connectivity solution. Due to the project's limited funding, a full ring topology was not an option.

Finally, the imminent retirement of key personnel with institutional knowledge posed a significant risk to the continuity of existing radio systems, calling for assistance with a comprehensive strategic plan to address these challenges.
"Castle Rock Microwave was forward-thinking, listened to our needs and vision, had the expertise necessary to assist in all areas of need, and was responsive. They helped us through a lot of questions and were patient with us, helping us find solutions. They cared about our community and our citizens, sticking by us and helping us figure things out." 

~ Lori Pinz, Director of IT


In response to the City of Pueblo's challenges, Castle Rock Microwave delivered a custom-tailored approach to meet its unique requirements.

The proposed strategy included:
  • Deploying licensed spectrum radios and cutting-edge microwave technology for a robust backbone network that improved overall operational efficiency, enabled real-time monitoring, and ensured prompt responses to issues..
  • Providing strategic consultation services to explore future wireless technology applications.
  • Identifying opportunities for scalability and adaptability beyond the project's scope.


Castle Rock Microwave’s proactive approach yielded transformative results for the City of Pueblo’s IT Department and the community of citizens they serve. With a stable backbone network now in place, the City of Pueblo can confidently and effectively monitor and manage its infrastructure, paving the way for the implementation of smart solutions to enhance operational efficiency and long-term sustainability.

By establishing the Internet of Things backbone, the city positioned itself ahead of anticipated challenges, such as implementing a real-time crime center. The project's success enhanced public safety but also demonstrated the city's commitment to leveraging technology to improve the quality of life for its residents.

Benefits of this work include:
  • Improved Connectivity: The city now enjoys a fast and stable backbone network, with improved communication between vital infrastructure components.

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Real-time monitoring and ongoing support, allowing for proactive maintenance.

  • Scalability and Futureproofing: The plan’s flexibility accommodates new services and adapts to evolving needs and technologies.

For the City of Pueblo, it's more than having the latest and greatest tech. It’s about public safety, protecting the city and its residents, and being able to respond quickly to new challenges. With the right network in place that allows them to be more agile and responsive, the City of Pueblo is poised to bring life-changing initiatives to its community.
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