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Castle Rock Microwave Newsletter - April 2024



Join Us a the Safer Buildings Coalition Seminar in Ft. Collins on May 9

The Castle Rock Microwave team is proud to support the Safer Buildings Coalition! Join us at their upcoming interactive seminar based on model codes for in-building public safety communications systems.

Stop by our table and say hello to Vince to grab your copy of our complimentary template: Pre-ERCES coverage survey checklist and ERCES plan submittal.

Thursday, May 9, 2024

9:00 am - 2:30 pm



Don’t Risk Obsolete Equipment

Did you know? Radio equipment is not set-it-and-forget-it. Manufacturers go out of business, and certain radios and equipment become obsolete - meaning your network can have components that aren’t working as they should.

Unfortunately, this can lead to downtime, service disruptions, security issues, and lost revenue.

If you’re wondering about your equipment and the impacts to your network, we’re currently offering complimentary point-to-point link analysis & budgetary pricing for microwave link upgrades.

Reach out below to schedule time with a specialist.



3DS™ Process: Where it All Starts

Through discovery, design, deployment, and support, our 3DS™ process sets your network up for today - and tomorrow.

It all starts with discovery, where we execute the following to test your network’s real-world viability.

  • Feasibility Studies: Uncover the possibilities and potential challenges your wireless network may face.
  • Budget Estimates: Gain clear insights into the financial scope, better aligning your organization's resources.
  • Desktop Designs: Visualize your network design, setting the foundation for a robust and efficient infrastructure.
  • Coverage Maps: Address the unique demands of your operational landscape.

Discovery is the foundation of our process and sets the stage for your future-proof network.


In the News: National Spectrum Strategy Implementation Plan

Spectrum allocation directly impacts your access to wireless connectivity and emerging technologies like 5G. Efficient spectrum usage enhances telecommunications infrastructure and fosters innovation and economic competitiveness.


The National Spectrum Strategy Implementation Plan outlines essential timelines for spectrum band studies, critical for addressing the rising demand for wireless connectivity and advancing technologies like 5G.


We’re Here for You

Whether you're experiencing networking issues, wondering how to maximize your return on technology investments, or have a question about growing leased-line circuit costs, reach out anytime.

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