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It's easy to fall into the trap of believing that we're alone in having a certain problem, need or deficiency. You're not alone!

This summer we surveyed hundreds of broadband wireless professionals in an effort to understand some of the largest gaps and pain points in the industry.

The professionals surveyed included end users in the public safety, energy, utility, broadcast, telecom and cellular sectors. As well as an equal number of equipment resellers and distributors.

The end users received a different survey than the sales channel folks, but with several overlapping questions. The results below represent the percentage of people asked a particular question. The purpose was to identify the greatest common pain points and gaps across all industry professionals. Obviously, some items are not relevant to all respondents

Without further ado, here are the results!

The following observations and points reflect some additional details that were collected, but aren't necessarily represented above:
* Equipment resellers and distributors were the most responsive to the survey
* Wireless professionals generally want more freedom from their desks and traditional computing devices
* They also want to streamline and automate the design and deployment processes in the field
* Tools that are available today are too expensive or don't offer adequate value
* As simple and necessary as network monitoring is, it is often not implemented
* People in our industry are overwhelmed by the variety of wireless solutions available
* Formal training for broadband wireless is sparse
* Few sales professionals in this industry embrace customer relationship management (CRM) tools and automation techniques to help stay in touch with their customers

I wish we could create dialog with everyone that reads this post to see if these items resonate, and perhaps identify other gaps.

Castle Rock Microwave is working to solve many of these problems for ourselves and our customers. Some solutions we have are through partnerships and others through innovation and invention of our own. We want to help make your life easier!

Do these pain points and gaps resonate? I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below.

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