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In March of 2020 Colorado school districts were forced to offer alternative learning solutions to their remote students. This led to the prioritization of high-speed Internet access. Fiber isn’t everywhere. As a result, many remote students lack access to suitable Internet speeds. Without it, their distance learning coursework can’t be completed. This leaves many students and schools at a huge disadvantage.


Even though Douglas County School District had already begun distance learning, the reality is, not all students had sufficient Internet access to complete their work. That’s when a ranch owner contacted us. They needed our help. The ranch sits against the mountains near Highway 105. Due to the location, there are no terrestrial services available. In addition, cell coverage is inconsistent, providing only 3G speeds at best. Now more than ever, the workers’ children, students of Castle View and South Ridge Elementary, needed reliable high-speed Internet.


As Colorado’s premier wireless specialists, Castle Rock Microwave has a knack for problem-solving network connectivity challenges. We quickly identified a solution to deliver Internet to the ranch. Since wireless was the only option, we chose our strategic partner, Cambium Networks, as the equipment manufacturer. https://www.cambiumnetworks.com/

First, we transmitted an Internet connection from a tower in Castle Rock to Majestic Mountain using the ePMP Force 300 backhaul product. https://www.cambiumnetworks.com/products/epmp/force-300-25/

After that, we transmitted the signal down to the ranch, and from there and distributed Internet access to each home. To do this, we used the ePMP 3000L access point and Force 300 subscriber units. https://www.cambiumnetworks.com/products/epmp/epmp-3000l-fixed-wireless-access-point/

Then, we installed cnPilot r190 home routers inside the homes, making it easy for the students to connect online from any device. https://www.cambiumnetworks.com/products/wifi/cnpilot-r190-series-home-router/

cnPilot r190 Wi-Fi Router

With Internet speeds over 20Mbps, these remote students now have blazing fast Internet access whenever they need it. Everyone was thrilled with how inexpensive the solution was and how quickly it was installed. The students now have everything they need to complete their coursework, and then some. They can even video chat with their teachers and fellow students.


Because of our strategic alliance, we were confident in the ePMP, cnPilot, and cnMaestro solutions from Cambium Networks. This project was a huge success due to the efforts of Stevan Tewell, Rafael Candil, and Brett Bonomo.

Most companies can’t prevent outages. Castle Rock Microwave keeps your network connected so you stay online and never miss a mission-critical communication. If you have connectivity challenges and would like to schedule a free consultation, email sales@castlerockmicrowave.com or hit the contact button at https://rmmicrowave.wpengine.com/ today. One of our experts will be in touch almost immediately!

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